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The Toilet series is fitted with water saving mechanism using just 3Ltrs and 6 ltrs in single/ Dual Flush. The model is made such that it can flush 6 ping-pong balls or 75 polypropylene balls in single 6 ltrs flushing . The products are not only water saving but also the noise level is too low thanks for “S” Trap design with correct degree angle.

Technology-based ELEGANT CASA

ELEGANT CASA has closely followed internationally cutting edge technologies and modern requirements on health and environment protection, and introduced advanced technology and talents to develop new products. Now ELEGANT CASA has invented intelligent glazes and NM glazes with special anti-pollution ability. In respect of energy saving, ELEGANT CASA echoes the water saving drive and has invented water-saving toilets with two alternative flushing volumes, 6 liters and 3/6 liter. In respect of material, ELEGANT CASA’s sanitary products have all adopted the green materials, ensuring the health and safety to human being. ELEGANT CASA’s sanitary products have also adopted big exhaust pipes and the glazing process in pipes, which makes a more clean, sanitary and unhindered clearance. in order to make our products closer to you, we have over 200 Dealers in 6 states namly New delhi/ U.P/Haryana/Uttrakhand/Punjab and Rajasthan, showing the brand image and sales service. We have different accessories for sanitary wares as well as integral sets of ELEGANT CASA’s characteristics. The Spas are for you to experience our products in advance.