How to decide a Toilet for Your Bathroom

by / Thursday, 14 June 2012 / Published in Lifestyle

Is there really much to sense about other than looks when selecting a toilet for a bathroom refashion? Surprisingly, yes. When it comes to choosing a commode, size, height and how well it functions should play into your resolution.


There are thousands of toilets on the market, but a rough-in distance, which process the distance from the ended wall to the centre of the sewer drain for the toilet, will narrow the field.

Comfort also comes into play with toilet heights. Many manufacturers now offer toilets that measure a few inches taller than standard 14" fixtures. For taller people, it's more relaxing. Taller toilets are also an integral part of universal design, which makes a bathroom accessible to all users in spite of mobility, because they make sitting down and standing up easier.


There are several toilet types available. A two-piece toilet, in which the tank bolts on top of the bowl, is typically a bit more affordable. A one-piece toilet, with an integral tank and bowl, can cost more, but these units are easier to clean because they have no seam. Wall-mounted toilets add drama to a bathroom, and cleaning under them is a waft. However, this higher-end fixture can be more expensive to install because it requires a thicker wall to mount the toilet and house the tank, and future maintenance could require reopening the wall.


Once you've settled on the size, shape and style, find a toilet that flushes efficiently. You can have the most beautiful toilet in the whole wide world, but if it doesn't flush, it's ugly.

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